Diversity Index

Diversity Index is a simple interactive tool for measuring the level of diversity at workplace. It is designed for all employers regardless of their size, ownership, turnout or number of employees. Do not hesitate and measure diversity of your workplace.

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Slovak National Centre for Human Rights

Are you dealing with discrimination at workplace?
Contact the national equality body – Slovak National Centre for Human Rights.

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Pontis Foundation

Are you looking for general information on diversity at workplace or are you interested to become member of the Diversity Charter Slovakia?
Contact the Diversity Charter administrator – Pontis Foundation.

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Why diversity and inclusion matter at every workplace?

By accepting our differences and accepting people as they are, we create a culture of mutual respect, trust and empathy not only at workplace, which enables us to be more innovative, effective and creative at resolving problems.

Which can be the results of discrimination at workplace?

Discrimination can affect mental health of an employer. The most common symptoms are fear from workplace and communication with other colleagues, stress, anxiety or insomnia.

How can I contribute to inclusive workplace?

Be open to otherness. Respect physical, social and cultural differences. Refrain from inappropriate jokes, slang or offensive expressions that encourage spread of prejudices. Never justify discrimination and if you become a victim of discrimination, do not feel afraid to talk about it.

Train yourself in diversity management and equal treatment

Download a handbook Introduction to diversity management and equal treatment.